The State of Innovative Leaders Report 2018

A DHR International-sponsored report by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

Issued October, 2018


DHR International Celebrates 30 Years

DHR International is celebrating 30 years of excellence in the executive recruiting industry.

We're not the biggest, but we’re the best in the executive search industry. Our commitment to quality searches for our clients has been a top priority since 1989.










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The DHR Difference

September, 2017

Our Partners explain what makes DHR International the best executive search firm for our clients and our consultants.

最新プレスリリース -    DHR JAPAN NEWS

 DHRインターナショナル東京で初となるCEO Round Tableを開催 


(2018年1月15日) DHRインターナショナルは、去る126日、東京で初となるCEOラウンドテーブルを開催しました。ドナルド・トランプ米国大統領の初来日で話題となった帝国ホテルを会場に朝食会形式で行われた本イベントには、消費財・リテール業界、IT業界、金融業界、製造業界、医療機器・製薬業界など幅広い業界から20名に及ぶ経営者が集まり、デジタルトランスフォーメーションをテーマに活発な意見交換が行われました。


最新メディアリリース -    DHR GLOBAL RELEASE

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Challenges in the Industrial Sector

Videos | June, 2019

Lisa Walker, Managing Partner of DHR International's Global Industrial Practice discusses how the industrial sector is evolving and the impact it's having on traditional business models.


Boardroom Diversity

Videos | October, 2018

Mike Magsig, Managing Partner of DHR International's Board & CEO Practice, speaks about the effects of Boardroom diversity.

Roles in Advanced Technology

Videos | September, 2018

Managing Partner Mike Lim discusses new and upcoming roles that will be needed in the technology sector and beyond. 

TRUSTED: Trust is the foundation of DHR's TEAM philosophy. Members are expected to be reliable to their internal team and colleagues, as well as their clients.


ENTREPRENEURIAL: Whether you're fresh out of college or a seasoned professional, no one likes to be pigeonholed. At DHR International we encourage all TEAM members to mold their experience to grow their investment in DHR and in themselves.


ACCOUNTABLE: Finding today's top leaders is a big job, and our clients depend on DHR for speed, discretion and success. Our TEAM members work together to meet these expectations on each and every search, without exception.


MOTIVATED: We're not the biggest, but we know we're the best. TEAM DHR's agility and expertise allows us to bring creative search solutions to our clients every time to get the job done.

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