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DHR International Celebrates 30 Years



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The DHR Difference

Our partners explain what makes DHR global the best executive search firm for our clients and our consultants.












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What is DHR's Biggest Differentiator?

 "Success, for us, is defined by our clients being satisfied by our service and our process." Our CEO Geoff Hoffmann weighs in on what sets us apart.


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Tips for Strengthening Board & CEO Relationships

Trust is Built on Industry Knowledge

Hoffmann Family of Companies

 Megan & Geoff Hoffmann founded Type 1 Timer Hockey to help young athletes perform at their best while navigating the complexities of T1D. T1T Camp brings together elite hockey coaching, extensive off-ice training, and best practices in diabetes management. The next camp is August 10-12th at Hertz Arena in Estero, FL
To learn more or to register, visit http://t1hockey.com/

TRUSTED: Trust is the foundation of DHR's TEAM philosophy. Members are expected to be reliable to their internal team and colleagues, as well as their clients.


ENTREPRENEURIAL: Whether you're fresh out of college or a seasoned professional, no one likes to be pigeonholed. At DHR global we encourage all TEAM members to mold their experience to grow their investment in DHR and in themselves.


ACCOUNTABLE: Finding today's top leaders is a big job, and our clients depend on DHR for speed, discretion and success. Our TEAM members work together to meet these expectations on each and every search, without exception.


MOTIVATED: We're not the biggest, but we know we're the best. TEAM DHR's agility and expertise allows us to bring creative search solutions to our clients every time to get the job done.